...This is one of the best groups playing around Southern California today! The band is energetic, fun, and comprised of gifted musicians.”

— Irish Arts and Entertainment: Annual Irish Music Special

Sportive Tricks - Celtic Music with a Kick

A Southern California folk band formed in 2006 with a heavy Celtic influence, Sportive Tricks takes traditional music and gives it a rousing twist. From Irish sing-alongs to folk-rock music to sea chanteys to original songs, the seven members of Tricks each bring their voices, instruments*, and energy for a foot-tapping good time. If you're looking for a fun and versatile band that's equally at home at pubs, festivals, historical events, fairs, or private parties, drop us a line!


*Not kidding about this one. Most of us play multiple instruments, and one of us plays 56 of them. Really! Heck, five out of seven of us play bass..Hence the Sportive Tricks Drinking Game: take a drink when any of us changes instruments. (Please play responsibly!)


Lend Your Voice!

Hello, Friends and Fans! We’re working on a special project and we’d like you – specifically, your faces and voices - to be a part of it!

We’re making a socially-distanced video of our song “Wake Up Whole Again,” and we’d like to close the song by having a bunch of people joining us on the final chorus from the comfort of their own homes (of course). If you haven’t yet heard the song, you can check it out via the streaming link above.

If you’d like to join us in this project, then please sign up using this handy Google form. We’ll close the form on August 1st, and all video submissions would need to be in by August 8th at the latest. We’ll send out all details, instructions, sheet music, etc. after you’ve submitted the form.


Sportive Tricks

Amy, Dan, Emma, Jeremy, Kurt, Sheldon, and Kevin




Our new album, Every Trick in the Book, is now available! Twenty-six instruments, ten voices, sixteen tracks, including traditional, covers, and originals. Visit our shop* for more information, and the CD will also be available at all of our live shows. 

Check back here or follow us on Facebook for more announcements.

*When you purchase directly from independent artists rather than through conventional music sites, 100% of the funds go to the band (for us, it goes to our our instruments, equipment, CD production costs, etc.). Conventional music sites only give the artists between <1% and 9%, and it's usually closer to the former. We appreciate your support!

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