...This is one of the best groups playing around Southern California today! The band is energetic, fun, and comprised of gifted musicians.”

— Irish Arts and Entertainment: Annual Irish Music Special

Sportive Tricks - Celtic with a Kick


Don’t know us yet? We founded Sportive Tricks in 2006 as a Celtic traditional folk group with roots in Renaissance faires, but over the years, we’ve evolved into a nerdy folk-rock band that performs at all sorts of venues, events, and festivals.

What’s with the name? Shakespeare used “Sportive Tricks” to mean “Screwing Around,” and that’s exactly what we do with our music. We take traditional, modern, and original songs and crunch them through our brains to make them something that you might not expect. We still love our Irish folk standards and sea chanteys, but we also like shaking things up with nerd culture, history, and our own flavor of bardcore.

We all sing, and we all play multiple instruments because… well, that’s a big part of who we are. We can lead a crowd singing along to “Wild Rover” one day and then become a string quintet with percussion for a special request of “The Rains of Castamere” the next. (That actually happened.)

We love making music, we love our friends and fans, and we’re so happy that you found our website! If you're looking for a fun and versatile band that's equally at home at pubs, festivals, historical events, fairs, or private parties, drop us a line!


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